A Branding Iron for that custom grilled steak you want to serve your guests. This is about 20 inches long. The branding face is stainless steel. The twisted handle is mild steel. The leaves and adornment at the top are stainless. This was a wedding anniversary gift.

Cross for Iron-in-the-hat 4-16-2016 MABA Mtg OMF
This is commonly known to blacksmith’s as a Frederick’s Cross. I made this one from copper. It involves splitting the material in a special fashion then unfolding it to create the diamond shape at the cross of the arms. This copper version is then attached to a forged flower petal shape base. I donated this to my Artist Blacksmith Association raffle.



5 Flwr Bouquet
5 flower bouquet attached to what was once my candy dish forging. The entire arrangement is about 16 inches tall. It became a gift for someone very special to me!



Sewing machine thread large spool stand
This is an accessory for a sewing machine. It is intended to hold large thread spools and guide the thread through the hook above the flowers the to the sewing machine. It is made 100% from stainless steel.




Trillium  Viking-Face  Copper-Bowl-Project-2

CAM01282 (Large)  CAM01279 (Large) SpringPractice2

     CAM00986[1]Copper head bone (Large)Curl Leaf copper (Large)

   20150114_230143 (Large)

  Soup Spoon Skull Fork and Soup Spoon Experiment #1 (Large)

Fork Hook for Keys or whatever
Fork Hook for Keys or whatever
Fork Hook for Keys or whatever
Fork Hook for Keys or whatever


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