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My family has a several talented artists. I haven’t done any drawings, paintings, sculpture or carving in recent years but am proud to display the works of my ‘apprentices’ on this page. I can’t claim to have been giving lessons or instructions but I will claim that some of the artistic genes have apparently been passed along!


Aries Lounge Jacket Frog (Large)

Arie #1 – Oil paint – Lounge Jacket Frog 


Aries Mushrooms (Large)

Arie #2 – Oil paint – Mushrooms

Aries Octopus Leg (Large)

Arie #3 – Oil paint – Suction Leg

Lounge Frog Pencil Sketch (Large)

Arie #4 – Colored Pencil – Lounge Jacket Frog


Aries Black Bee (Large)

Arie #5 – Oil paint – B/W Bee


Aries B-W Tears (Large)

Arie #6 – Oil paint –  B/W Tears


Aries Commander Platypus (Large)

Arie #7 – Oil paint – Commander Platypus


Aries Deer Skull (Large)


Arie #8 – Oil paint – deer skull


Aries Dripping FlowerSky Colors (Large)

Arie #9 – Oil Paint –  Flowering Bush Dripping Earth


Aries Heart Works (Large)

Arie #10 – Oil paint – Heart Factory


Aries Eyes and Ants (Large)

Arie #11 – Oil Paint –  Eyes and Ants


Aries Frog with dark sweater (Large)

Arie #12 – Oil Paint – His Honor Frog


Aries Hand with Drips (Large)

Arie #13 – Oil paint –  Hand with drips

Aries Heart on Red (Large)

Arie #14 – Oil paint –  Heart on red

Lina's Building Sketches

Lina #1 pencil – Graphic Architecture

Lina's Bear Sketch

Lina #2  ink – The Black Bear of Minnesota

Terri's Painting

Terri #1 – Blue Bells

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