Puddle Pirates

40 Years passed since I created the first of my Puddle Pirates. I was laid up with an injury and needed to have something to keep my hands busy so I carved a little boat from a piece of 2×4 lumber.  A number of years ago my youngest grandson asked if he could have them or if I’d make a new one for him.  Well, of course I would! Then he threw in the kicker and asked if I would make one for his best friend as well. Oh, why not!  But let’s make the two boats bigger and better.

The main hull of these were made from two ‘layered’ pieces of 2×6 lumber and are roughly four times larger than the original versions. So the new Puddle Pirates were started and they ended up being much better. We even had some fancy certificates of authenticity printed up for each of the boats. One was named Elusive and presented to my grandson’s friend. The other was named Nono e Nipote which is Italian for Grandfather and Grandson. Note the double figureheads on the bow of the one for my grandson. We had a lot of fun building them and they turned out so nice that a decision was made that they should only be used for display and not subject to hard play or stuck in a pond somewhere.

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