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The Coal  Bin is a place to put store fuel for this Forge.

Old Forge

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There are two tabs, one is for messages and the other for Videos. Choose the Videos tab on that site to see many of the videos that I created. Most of them are flights with my drone!

Over time this spot might get filled with little pieces of useless information, or other tidbits that raise my interest, or possibly my anger at policies or events that recently occurred! Occasionally I’ll move things or  may even totally eliminate them too.

A primary goal is to provide a showcase of the interesting wonders that are around us.  With Old Man Forge I will share the things I’ve done, the places I been and things I find interesting.

One goal will be to attempt to keep drama out of Old Man Forge. Old Man Forge isn’t a place to offend anyone. With Old man Forge I intend to refrain from listing full names of family and friends, although occasionally that can’t be helped.  Photos of family and friends will also be kept to a minimum. 

Comments on posts is one of the big drama issues on all the social media sharing sites. Old Man Forge will limit commenting to only a very few posts. Old Man Forge doesn’t believe in providing a verbal battle ground for opposing points of view. Old Man Forge might not be able to be fully compliant with the adage “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, but Old Man Forge is gonna’ try real hard!

A State of Mind